MIM - Metal Injection Molding

MIM - metal powder injection moulding offers a wide range of design possibilities. A major advantage of this process is that components with demanding geometries, which can only be produced in multiple parts using conventional methods, can be manufactured in a single piece.

 Available Materials

Steel - Titanium - Cu alloys - Silver - Gold

Typical Component Sizes

- Weight from 1.0 gr to approx. 100 gr / heavier parts also possible
Sizes: 5 mm - ca 100 mm
Quantities: starting from 1000 pcs per lot


Production Examples

 mim schlaghammer web MIM zahnradwelle web  MIM Verschluss3 web
Impact lever for  Pistol
Material MIM-FeNi8
Weight 19.9 g
L= 38 mm
Gear with shaft
Material 16MnCr5
Weight 10.0 g
Ø 18.0 mm
Shutter block for Pistol
Material MIM-16MnCr5
Weight 31.85 g
L= 53 mm
mim 1 MIM Nuss web  MIM turschnapper web
Drive - fine adjustment for Binoculars
Material MIM-316L,
Weight 5.81 g, L = 17 mm
 Lock Part "Nut"
Material 1.4542
Weight ca 12 gr
Wall Thickness 2,6 mm
 Door Latch
Material 1.4542
Weight ca 19 g
Length 32 mm



MIM - Method



Application Fields
Microtechnology: Housing / Micro-Precision Parts
Automotive: Transmission parts / Functional components
Medical: Chir. Tools / Arthroscopy Instruments
Optical Industry: Parts for Cameras and Laser Systems
Consumer Electronics: Drive parts for CD players
Electrical Industry: Device connectors, Contacts, Magnetic Applications
Textile Machinery Industry: Components for embroidery and Sewing Machines
Fitting and Lock Industry: Parts for Micro-Locks and Visible Parts
Watch Industry: Watch cases, bracelets, gears
Jewelry industry: Chains, Pendants, Rings
Gun Components: Whip, Lock Block


Achievable Tolerances and Surfaces Finishes

Nominal Dimension (mm)

< 3           0.05  
  3 - 6   0,06  
  6 - 15   0,075 mm
  15 - 30   0,15 mm
  30 - 60   0,25 mm
60       0,5 % of the nominal dimension

Tolerances for MIM Precision

  < 0,5% of the measure of length
Angle +/- 0° 30'  

Surface roughness MIM [micrometer]

Rz > 4 - 20

Typical component-Characteristics

Dimension 5,0 mm to 10 mm
Wall Thickness 0,5 mm to 3 mm
Weight 0,1 g to 100 g


Type M.-No. Short Description Characteristics Applications
Low Alloyed Steels
Fes1  - FeC Cabonyle Iron + C Components with lower mech. characteristics
FN02  - FeNi2 Cabonyle Iron + Nickel General components with a very good surface quality
FN02C  - FeNi2+0.6C Cabonyle Iron + Nickel + C General components, hardenable
FN08  - FeNi8 Cabonyle Iron + Nickel General machine components requesting high ductility
FN08C  - FeNi8+0.6C Cabonyle Iron + Nickel + C General machine components, hardenable
Fe2Cu  - FeCu2-5 Cabonyle Iron + Cu General machine components, higher strengths than FeNi basic materials
42CrMo4 1.7225 42CrMo4 Tempering steel, parts with high strength and toughness, large compensation gauge Gears, Shafts, Automotive parts
21NiCrMo2 1.6523 21NiCrMo2 Case-hardening steel, parts subject to extreme stress, cold forming Disc wheels, Camshafts
Stainless  and acid resistant steels
316L 1.4404 / 1.4435 316L / VA4 austenitic, nonmagnetizable, good corrosion resistance. low hardness, high toughness Watches & Jewelery, medical instruments, polished parts, general equipment , chem. Industry.
17-4PH 1.4542/   1.4548 17-4PH nonmartensitic, ferromagnetic, corrosion-resistant. can be hardened by precipitation hardening Pump parts, medical parts, automotive parts, machine components, aviation and marine parts
X15CrNiSi25.20 1.4841 X15CrNiSi25.20 heat resistant up to 1150 ° C Catalyzers, industrial furnaces
X12CrNiMoNb20.15 1.4885 X12CrNiMoNb20.15 heat resistant up to 1000 ° C Brackets of blank annealing furnace, industrial furnace parts
420 1.4021 X20Cr13 martensitic, ferromagnetic, low corrosion resistance, high hardness, can be tempered Pump parts, medical engineering parts, turbine blades, knives, cutting parts
430 1.4016 X6Cr17 martensitic, ferromagnetic, corrosion resistant for ferromagnetic, stainless components, cutlery, automotive parts
Tool Steels        
M2 1.3343/ 1.3342 S-6-5-2 High-Speed Steel Reamers, Spiral Drills, Drills, Taps, Countersinks, Precision Tools
100Cr6 1.2067  - Alloyed High-Speed Steel, high hardness and wear resistance Gauges, mandrels, punches, woodworking tools, flanging rollers, drawing mandrels
Steels with spec phys properties
FeN   FeN carbon-free carbonyl iron, magnetizable magnetic components
FeSi3 1.0884 FeSi3 high saturation magnetization  
FeCo   FeCo48 very high saturation magnetization magnetic components
FeCoV   FeCo49V2 very high saturation magnetization  
Kovar   Kovar Magnetic material magnetic components
Invar 1.3912 Invar Expansion alloy, smallest thermal expansion bimetallic
Copper Base Materials        
Cu   Cu pure Copper Electrical engineering, contacts
CuNixx   CuNi3-30   Coin alloy, plating material, contacts
CuNiH   CuNiH high hardness Electrical engineering, contacts, fittings, tribological properties
CuFe   CuFe average hardness Electrical engineering, contacts, fittings, tribological properties
Heavy Metals
WNiFe/A   WNi4Fe3 shields radioactive radiation Medical technology, sensor technology
WCu10/A   WCu10 excellent burn-off resistance Electrical engineering, contacts
WCu20/A   WCu20 excellent burn-off resistance Electrical engineering, contacts
WCCo6   WCCo6   Medical technology
WCCo10   WCCo10   Cutters, hard metal moldings and components
Light Metals        
Ti / B 3.7065 Ti ( Grad4) ASTM Grade 4, non-magnetizable, high corrosion resistance, light Watches, jewelery, medical technology, food technology, aviation



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